Streamline your business.

Let autoresponders take care of your online prospects and watch your profits grow. Free your time and channel your energy into other marketing strategies. People want service. With autoresponder they get the best service possible from your business. And you get one of the best tools in the business to maximise your sales.

No adverts or any other correspondance is attatched to your messages.

  • Instant delivery of your message.

  • up to 20 message follow up.

  • Send your messages in plain text or html.

  • Change your messages 24hrs a day.

  • Personalise all messages.

  • Put Headers and/or footers in your messages.

  • Demographics. The ability to set up specific questions and send messages to these groups only.

  • Ad Tracking. lets you set up an unlimited number of tracking urls that you can place in your follow-up messages.

  • Email flow through. Lets your customers sign-up email be delivered directly to you. (in case they are asking additional questions)

  • Full stats report. What customers are in your response sequence, what ones are archived, and on what follow up message your customer removed themselves.

  • Quick stats. how many customers have signed up in the last 24hrs and the last 7 days.

  • Test Message Preview. Allows you to see how your messages look before you start sending them to customers. All messages are delivered to you with a single button click.

  • Thank You URL Redirect: You can now design a thank you page on your own site that will automatically show when a customer signs up.

  • E-Mail Reject Filter. This function allows you to reject specific domains from being able to subscribe to your system.

  • Full Database of your prospects e-mail addresses .

  • Import and export email databases.

  • Send e-mail messages to your entire list.(including archived)

  • Unlimited technical support.

Seven day free trial

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29.99 per annum

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No quibble money back guarantee.

If for any reason you sign up and are not satisfied, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.




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