Anti - Spam Policy

We at Auto Responder have very strict policies on people abusing our system to spam. No-one likes spam. Our system is designed as an automated follow up tool for people who genuinely request information from yourself.

A full list of our Service Agreement is displayed at the bottom of this page.



Below are the 3 main pointers for you.

We will not, under any cicumstances allow our system to be used under the following conditions:

  • You must not use your Auto Responder address as the "reply to", "from", or "return" address in any correspondence whatsoever. You must always reference your Auto Responder address within the "body" of all materials.

  • You must never use your Auto Responder address as your email address when submitting any material to search engines, link submitters, FFA sites, banner exchanges etc. You may however, reference your Auto Responder in the "body" of all materials you submit.

  • You must never send unsolicited mail to any person/company that includes a reference (directly or indirectly) to


Any subscriber caught spamming will:

  • Have their account cancelled immediately.

  • Be charged for the interruption to service.

  • Be reported to their own service provider.

If you have been spammed, please notify


Service Agreement.




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